I am excited to see the publication of this book, for it is the first biblically balanced and theologically informed book I have ever read on open air preaching. Here you will find no zeal without knowledge, but rather zeal inflamed by love and directed by the Word of God.

Dr. Joel Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

A Certain Sound is a well-written, carefully-crafted, scripturally-saturated book, which was a joy to read. As one with many years’ experience with open-air preaching, I thank God for this stirring call to the church to fulfill one of her main duties namely, that of preaching Jesus “to every creature.” Read this book. Master it. And with the help of the Holy Spirit, let the “certain sound” of the glorious gospel of Christ be heard outdoors once again.

Pastor Rob Ventura, Grace Community Baptist Church, North Providence, RI, co-author of A Portrait of Paul and Spiritual Warfare


A Certain Sound by Ryan Denton and Scott Smith is a welcome contribution to the contemporary discussion over open air preaching.  From a perspective deeply grounded in the Christian tradition and Reformed and Puritan theology, Ryan and Scott defend the ministry of street preaching in a firm but moderate tone.  Everyone who practices open air preaching or who is interested in its biblical basis must read this book.

Sam Waldron, Professor of Systematic Theology at Midwest Center for Theological Studies, pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Owensboro, KY, author of numerous books and pamphlets including A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, The End Times Made Simple, A Reformed Baptist Manifesto, Baptist Roots in America, and a contributor to the four views book on church government, Who Runs the Church?


This is a much needed book that brings to the surface the relationship between open-air preaching, church history, and the local church. We must never forget that preaching and the local church must not be divorced from one another. We long for a resurgence of open-air preachers who are sent out from healthy and faithful local churches proclaiming the good news of King Jesus.

Dr. Josh Buice, Pray’s Mill Baptist Church, blogger at DeliveredByGrace.com, author of The New Calvinism, and the founding director of the G3 Conference


I love this book not only because I know and have worked with one of its authors personally, witnessing firsthand and benefitting from the lessons taught here being put into practice, but because it is thoroughly Biblical. In my opinion, they make the case, theologically and historically, for a return to the time-honored practice of open-air evangelism. I hope seminary students, church members, and elders will read this book. By turns I was encouraged, then convicted, but always blessed. May God give all of us the same hunger to see the lost saved as the authors exhibit in this work! 

Rev. Gabriel N.E. Fluhrer, Ph.D., Associate Minister of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC


The expression 'desperate times call for desperate measures' would be an adequate description for such a book as this. To the true church this book will seem like fresh air, and much needed CPR. To the pampered, pretty-boy, American Evangelical, this book will seem more like an affront and attack upon their backslapping, worldly, man-pleasing, ‘goodie-bag’ attempts to reach the world with ‘the gospel.’ Five phrases I would use to describe this book: doctrinally sound, refreshing, unashamed, unapologetic, and revivalistic! I would love to stick a copy of this fiery little book in every Christian college, church, and library in America.

Jeff Rose, Founder of JeremiahCry Ministries, Pastor of One:16 Bible Church, Watauga, TX


Unfortunately, too many Christians have not been taught the important doctrines such as the Trinity, the gospel, regeneration, and justification. This has led to many unbiblical methods and catchphrases when it comes to open air preaching and evangelism. Ryan Denton and Scott Smith have provided a most valuable work in their book, A Certain SoundA Primer on Open Air Preaching. But this book is not merely for open air preachers. Every Christian will greatly benefit from the robust presentation, with its “correct” application, of important biblical doctrines and apologetic necessity in evangelism—all written in a simple, comprehensible fashion. A Certain Sound is an indispensable work for both Christians, due to its sound and plentiful theological content, and any open-air preacher craving to glorify God in his public presentation.

Edward Dalcour, M.Apol., Ph.D., Faculty of Theology, North-West University; President, Department of Christian Defense; Author of A Definitive Look at Oneness Theology

Balanced, biblical, concise, articulate, and gracious. This excellent literary contribution brings wisdom and clarity to an often controversial work. Finally, a primer on open air preaching that both fills the vacuum of literature on the subject and provides sensibility to it. Ryan Denton and Scott Smith are to be commended for providing light to the important ministry of open air preaching that will help the preacher in his preaching and in his relationship with the church.

Pastor Joe Jacowitz, Christ Bible Church, Pleasanton, CA. and President of FirstLove Missions, Publications, and Radio


Without question there is a resurgence of open air preaching in the United States. I, for one, welcome it, but I know many others in the Reformed and evangelical church world are highly skeptical. I too have observed many who have given open air preaching a bad name and brought disrepute on the practice. For this reason, I have for some time wished someone would write an apologetic for open air preaching, and I believe we now have such an important book in A Certain Sound: A Primer on Open Air Preaching. The authors are seasoned open air preachers with whom I have preached several times in the streets of America. They are passionate, Reformed, and Christ-centered in their preaching. I urge pastors, evangelists, and lay people in the church to read this book, and hopefully God will use it to lend credibility to the practice and to inspire churches everywhere to get behind open air preaching.

Rev. Al Baker, Evangelist with Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship, author of Evangelistic Preaching in the 21st Century, Seeking a Revival Culture, Revival Prayer, and Essays on Revival